Message from Secretary

We are witnessing categorically a turbulent phase in education due to rapid changes occurring in every aspect of how knowledge is taught, transferred and perceived. Knowledge has become universal with accelerated globalization by virtue of technical advances.

With large youth population in India, there is an opportunity, if utilized properly, for 'Demographic Dividend' with the tool of 'Good Higher & Technical Education'. India is said to be among the largest producers of engineers in the world, however only a few of its institutions are among the best internationally. Policy makers have realized the necessity to improve the academics of the lagging institutions and the Government of India is committed to make this happen.

Along with many other reforms, Ministry of Human Resource Development has coined the TEQIP project in a phase manner in collaboration with World Bank. TEQIP III is being implemented for period of 2017-2020 having focused participation of Govt & Govt aided institutes in Low Income States, Hill States, North Eastern States and Andaman & Nicobar. These institutions shall be mentored by experienced & well performing institutions of the country. The major challenges being faced by focus institutes in employability, equity and research will be addressed through different interventions like Guidance of IITs, Faculty Reforms (Teacher Enhancement Funds), Formation of Industry Consultation Committee (ICC), establishing innovation cells, promoting digital learning through MOOCs & SWAYAM etc. under this project. Affiliated Technical Universities (ATUs) are also instructed to pass on the benefits to accommodate and benefit students from unaided institutions.

TEQIP-III is expected to bring institutions from focus states at par with high performing institutions of the country. I am very happy that NPIU has initiated sharing success stories of project implementation through this platform. Best wishes are with NPI U team to make TEQIP-III successful on targeted goals.